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  • One Island, One World – From Boracay to Brazil!

    I’m overwhelmed with gratitude!   I would like to thank all of you guys who supported and voted for my entry to the ”We Are One Sony” contest. There are too  many people to mention, so I’m gona say thank you in particular groups! I wanna give a shout-out of gratitude to the following groups! * […]

  • ”One Island, One World” bracelets for sale and Music tour!

     ”One Island, One World” bracelets on PAYPAL! To view pictures of the bracelet designs click “HERE” To place an order via Paypal, just click  the options below. Number of Bracelets (pre order) Pre-order 1 bracelet €10.00 EURPre-order 2 bracelets €20.00 EURPre-order 3 bracelets €30.00 EURPre-order 4 bracelets €40.00 EURPre-order 5 bracelets €50.00 EURPre-order 6 bracelets […]

  • Coming Soon – ”One Island, One World” Documentary

    On June 26, 2012, Armand TJ and American filmmaker Jesse Maddox went on a one month tour of Europe documenting their journey about spreading the Boracay love across the continent.

  • Jamming at Boracay Terraces piano

    Performing live every weekend at the baby grand piano with international musicians at Boracay Terraces, northern end of white beach, station one. Candle lights and live music, old Boracay style! This is where I compose my songs.

  • Boracay Meets Hamburg

    In September 2012, I had a reunion with the German dragon boat team from Berlin called the WannSea Dragons. I met them in 2007 when they were champions in the international dragon boat festival in Boracay. They became fans of my ‘Boracay songs, since they saw me jam at Pat’s Bar / Bom Bom bar in 2007.

    This jamming that took place in a place near Hamburg, during another dragon boat festival, was a surprise for all of them. They didn’t know that I was coming, except for my friend Christian, who invited me. This was the night before their final race. It was pretty wild, coz they were all singing together to my songs. Especially ”See you in the Philippines”, ‘Bora-Bora-Boracay” and ”Keine Frage”‘ my English/German song from my first album. Was one crazy night/reunion!

    8 september 2012
  • One Island, One World – From Boracay to Brazil!

    I’m overwhelmed with gratitude!


    I would like to thank all of you guys who supported and voted for my entry to the ”We Are One Sony” contest. There are too  many people to mention, so I’m gona say thank you in particular groups! I wanna give a shout-out of gratitude to the following groups!

    * To my family and relatives, from both Tajanlangit (TJ) and Viterbo side!

    * To my Boracay friends, especially the core group that rallied endlessly!

    *  To my family, friends, and supporters in the Philippines and around the world.

    * To my cousins/relatives who rallied in Iloilo, Miagao and Singapore!

    * To my friends and supporters from the Boracay establishments: FRENDZ Resort, YES FM Boracay, Tres Amigos, Globy’s, Boracay Dragonflies, Sama-Sama Games, Boracay Pub Crawl, Boracay Terraces, and Crystal Sand Resort.

    * To my friends from Assumption, Westbridge and Ateneo de Manila.

    * Special shout out to my #OneIslandOneWorld Facebook group. We had a roller coaster ride keeping score of the votes from different parts of the world (especially my die hard supporter friend in Austria! You know who you are!). Our combined efforts paid off! haha

    And for those special individuals, I’ve thanked you through private message, and will thank you again in person! Everyone who voted from around the world…. all of you made a huge difference… each and every vote! During the deadline of 11:59a.m. we barely won with 13 votes ahead! We were behind the leading competition by 30 votes during the last 15 minutes. We overtook during the final stretch. Phew!

    I believe that there’s a bigger purpose for winning this competition. I’m just waiting for the dates from SONY, when we’re going to Brazil. I’ll be travelling with Kieron Tan, who produced my ”One Island, One World” music video. We’ll be documenting our journey from Boracay to Brazil. Will have an updated version of the music video with scenes from the World Cup!

    Watch out for that! This is only just the beginning. 😉

    p.s. Do check out the Music video on Youtube posted below. The updated final version is yet to be released soon. Keep you guys posted


    View on youtube click HERE

    View on Facebook click HERE

    To view  ‘the teaser trailer” of the music video click HERE


    #OneIslandOneWorld #WeAreOneSony #RoadToRio #JoinTheMovement





    Boracay Meets Brazil


    Boracay friends campaigning during the night life!

    And some more creatively than others

    You can follow the movement with this hashtag



    www.weareonesony.com announcing the winner!


    Can’t wait to sing the song from Boracay to Brazil!


    A screen capture from the Music video shoot in Boracay Terraces Resort.

    Our campaign poster online


    Are you ready Brazil?

    20 May 2014
  • ”SOS Philippines” – The song after the storm.

     ”People from around the world have called the Philippines a Paradise on Earth. After the super typhoon, we are struggling to recover and save our Paradise. And that starts with our spirits and our smiles as we go through our daily efforts in picking up the pieces and addressing the emergencies at hand. This song celebrates the spirit of the Filipino people rising up during this crisis, with the help of all of you around the world. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. We are grateful, more help is on the way. Me and my fellow artists have poured our hearts, soul, sweat, blood, and tears,  and traveled far to rush and  put this song out there. Aside from physical needs, our whole nation needs uplifting emotionally and spiritually. And we Filipinos do it best through music.” – Armand 


    For those who want to help. Here’s a list that CNN posted for reliable groups to get in touch with. Click ”HERE””



    The story behind the song and video:


    Our region in the Visayas was hit by the superstorm Yolanda (Haiyan). Several ”ground zeros” across the Visayas and Northern Palawan are in dire need of attention, aid, and prayers at the moment. Our people and the international community has responded to the crisis, but there’s still so much needed to do. We’re all in this together.

    I wrote this song on the night of November 12, day four, after the super typhoon, while in Boracay (also hit by the storm). I immediately informed my mom that I needed to record this song in Iloilo city as soon as possible and put it out there. ”But the roads aren’t passable, it’s not safe!”, she told me. ”If buses are running, it’s passable.’, I replied, adamant that this was really important. She was right, while on the six hour bus ride from Caticlan to Iloilo, I saw the destruction caused by Yolanda (Haiyan) on Panay island, my first glimpse of the calamity outside Boracay (my island had minimal damage and no casualties).

    Electric posts, and its hazardous wires, and fallen native houses lay along the roadsides. My bus even collided with a car while avoiding some electric wires, a minor accident. As we waited on the bus as it pulled over, I saw an ambulance pass by, and then a truck with relief goods. People’s lives here are still at risk, and that’s just the little I saw with my own eyes.

    I arrived in Iloilo safe on November 13, went straight to the make-shift studio (Yamaha music school) to record the song (where we also shot the video). I didn’t have any back up singers. While on the bus, I texted a friend if he knew any singers in Iloilo who would be willing to join me in this project of uplifting our nation through song, to reach out to the victims and the world in ways only our spirits can – through music. My friend replied, ”Ok, Armand, I’ll spread the word.”. After waiting in the studio, around fifteen students showed up. They were from Ijas High School, and University of the Philippines (Iloilo and Miag-ao)

    They were not professional singers, some belonged to university singing groups/choirs. They heard about this recording last minute, and were excited to share their voices for a cause. We practiced the song for a bit and then went straight for recording on that very night. They came up with their own vocal arrangement. I’m amazed with these talented kids. The song revealed itself to us. Some were moved to tears by its message. Some shared stories of their hometowns struggling to recover from the aftermath. All were still going to school, while at the same time joining relief efforts.

    We recorded 90% of the song that night. Some of the uni students had schedules filled up with school and volunteering in calamity areas, so we had to record their parts the best we can right there and then. We wrapped up the song on November 14 with my younger cousins and their high school friends.

    I was advised not to release the song yet, since it needed more arrangements. But I decided to share this song as bare as it is, but with a lot of soul – just like the state of my people. I can always upload other improved versions of this song later on, and I felt the Philippines and the world needed to hear this song as soon as possible. Without any arranger, producer, and director, we managed to work on the song together the best way we can in short notice, just to the message of hope out there as soon as possible. Like in any emergency, we had to act fast, knowing the power of music to unite and touch hearts and souls, in our country and around the world.

    I’ll admit, I’ve broken down in tears many times because of this song. From the first time I heard it while composing that night on the piano, to hearing this version uploaded. I feel more connected to the need for my nation to rise up from this crisis, and for humanity to come together.

    The Jesuit, Horatio de la Costa, once compared the Philippines to a pauper among the nations. However, ” the Philippines hides two jewels in her rags – her faith and her music.”

    Through this song, we’d like to share what we have to offer the world – the Filipino spirit. This is our song after the storm. A song to unite the Philippines and the world, to weather any storm that shakes humanity.


    Some pictures during the typhoon passing through Boracay and the aftermath. Our neighboring islands in the Visayas were not so lucky.


    November 8, The storm passing through Boracay, from my point of view. I wrote about it on CNN Ireport. Click “HERE”.

    My family assessing the damage, the morning after.

    Winds blew these barriers from the inside of the restaurant going outwards.

    My nephew standing next to sand castle that survived the storm.

    Met some friends on the white beach who were also checking out for damages on the island. We’re happy to know our island is OK.



    November 13. Commuting on a bus from Caticlan to Iloilo for six hours:


    Power is out, good to know, since these are dangerous.

    A post falls on the rice field.

    Houses near Kalibo, damaged.


    Electric posts and wires blocking the road.

    (Accident scene, holding traffic)




    Recording of the song in Iloilo, also hit by the storm.





    My cousin Aila Tajanlangit showed up for the music video shoot with this shirt. Good call!

    University of the Philippine Visayas Students. Choristers group. The two girls come from Capiz, north of Panay, which was devastated by the storm. They had to volunteer for reliefs the next day.

    High school students from IJAS Iloilo. They had to record their parts the next day, because their curfews didn’t allow them to record as late as the university students from U.P. that night. However, their back up vocals fit perfectly at the climax of the song.


    (will post the behind the scenes pictures with the young singers soon. So far these are the only shots I have of the recording.)


    Announcement: I’m coming up with a second youtube video, this time I need pictures of people helping and coming together for this crisis. Either in the Philippines, or from around the world.  And also people can send me pictures of themselves, solo or in a group, with the words #SOS Philippines . Written on their arm just like in the video. It would be really cool to have that in the video, from people all over the world. Please email me on armandtj@yahoo.com

    Spread the love, please share this video to all social media!




    Lyrics and Chords:



    SOS Philippines

    Chords: F#m – A/E – A/ D – A/ E

    I have a prayer, inside of me, humanity will unite.
    and finally, differences will subside.
    In this tragedy, together we stand for love.
    A prophecy, to be a family of humankind.
    Its time, its time!

    A/C#m -A/D – A – A/E

    The light in me still burns bright, even when the world seems dark.
    if there’s a need stand up unite to hear the call of every cry

    A/C#m -A/D – A – E
    SOS Philippines, Ohhhh! (2x)
    F#m – A/E – A/ D – A/ E

    I have a prayer that all nations and societies will collide, for synergy, to make history, to end indifference
    the child in me, still believes in this dream
    Its time, its time!

    A/C#m -A/D – A – A/E
    The light in me still burns bright, even when the world seems dark.
    if there’s a need stand up unite to hear the call of every cry

    A/C#m -A/D – A – E
    SOS Philippines, Ohhhh!’ (3X)

    A/C#m -A/D – A – E
    A hope for you and me!
    A cry for dignity!
    A call for humanity reaching for the highest light
    Faith to believe, burning through my hurting soul
    One world we have, stand up dont give up the fight
    lets save the dream, wake up and we’ll rise again!

    A/C#m -A/D – A – E

    SOS Philippines!
    Bangon Pilipinas!
    Rise up Philippines!

    One World!
    One Humanity!
    Let us save the dream!


    I would to thank the artists and key players behind ”SOS Philipines” song and video. We rushed the project to put it out there because we knew the world needed to hear the message urgently. Without any directors, arrangers, producers, and videographers other than ourselves working together and making it unfold right before us, it’s been an honor working with you guys to inspire the world. Everything happened spontaneously in the two days of production, and it all fell into place in the end. However, it’s just the beginning of this wonderful journey together. Music unites.

    Please keep sending out the SOS, untill the whole world sings with us! 


    SOS Philippines
    Music and lyrics by Armand TJ

    Featuring the voices of:
    Xandrianne Loriega (1st soloist)
    Aica Tajanlangit (2nd soloist),
    Jasper John Cabra (3rd soloist)
    Marifel Dagangan (4th soloist)
    Von Janatius Piñano, Sefaniah Gabrielle Roldan, Bryle Camarote, Pshelanne
    Aundry Palma, Ida Anne Fuentespina, Reyna Ortiz, Bertrand Roldan, Angela
    Paguntalan, Aila Tajanlangit, Addie Tajanlangit, Alvie Tajanlangit, Andie
    Tajanlangit, Paul Cabardo, John Camara, and Jetro Misajon.
    Videography by Russel Te
    Video editing by Russel Te and Armand TJ
    Studio recording by Derder Nava of Dernavs Recording

  • Living your dreams – Original song by Armand TJ

    Here’s a song I composed some years ago when a friend advised me to submit a song to the Department of Tourism. Back then they were launching a new campaign for foreigners wanting to live in the Philippines.

    Of course, writing the song came easily having encountered so many foreigners whose dream is to live in the Philippines. And some friends have already achieved this, some of which are featured in the video.

    I decided to upload this video collage with my original song since D.O.T. is lacking a creative slogan. And hopefully clicking “share” and passing this on will eventually get their attention.

    The pictures and videos were taken by me. Additional pictures were grabbed from friends on facebook. ^^

    This is my way of supporting Philippine tourism. Song available on ITUNES and SPOTIFY!

  • See you in the Philippines – Original song by Armand TJ

    A song I wrote that celebrates the 7,107  islands of the Philippines, and the people from around the world who visit my country. This video was made from pictures and videos from my camera, featuring Ferns Tosco on guitars, and friends I’ve met on Boracay. The song is available on Itunes and Spotify. Just click the ”here”.

    Those who’ve seen me perform this song live know I usually call out the different countries represented in the audience. I’ve decided to make this recording since there’s been so many requests to have this version.

    In the original version in my first album, I call out the different destinations in the Philippines, as each place is called, all the ethnic instruments from that region is heard in the background.

    For this “International” version, I did the same thing on a global scale. You will hear the different instruments of different nations as the shout out reaches the continents!

    I must confess that I got really emotional upon recording this in the studio because it made me remember my encounters with people from every corner of the world.

    We will all see each other again, when I travel to your place, or when you come back again. Music unites!



  • Wake Up Call – An original song for Japan

    On March 11, 2011, news about Japan’s tragedy with the earthquakes and tsunamis were all over T.V. right before my show in Manila.  Since the show must go on, I couldn’t think of a better way to start it, but with a tribute to Japan. I freestyled the whole performance, the words emotions just poured out from me to the live audience.

    An original song I composed on March 11, 2011 in front of a live audience in Cafe Clay, Manila

  • Wild and crazy Aussie girls in Boracay!


    September 26, 2013

    Jamming with backpackers from Australia, Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, USA, Ireland, Korea, Mexico, China, Canada, France, England, Slovenia, and Turkey!

    So tonight’s gig was an international group as usual, but these Aussie girls dominated the party! One of them had a leg cast, and was on a wheelchair, but that didn’t stop her from partying hard with the rest of her group. Another one kept carrying her friends like a weight lifter, and even attempted to carry me. I had to decline. Haha!

    They were already going crazy during my third song before 8:00 p.m. I think that’s the earliest record for people going wild during my gigs. I don’t know, but there seems to be a trend of my audiences getting wilder and wilder these days (and more wasted). I always said the rainy gloomy weather makes people want to drink more. At some point during the gig, I thought of making one of the crutches as a limbo stick. And yes, even the injured girl did the limbo, with her strong friend lifting her!

    I did my usual original songs, “See you in the Philipines”, “Man of Boracay”, ”Bora-Bora-Boracay” and ”One Island, One World” etc. As for the impromptu covers, I experimented on Avicii’s ”Wake Me Up” and even Miley’s twerk song, I don’t even know the title, nor the lyrics, but the Aussie girls helped me out. Somebody requested for “‘La Bamba” and I gave the mic to the Argentinian guy and Mexican girl, and the crowd even got wilder.

    One American girl sang some gospel song and Queen’s ”Bohemian Rhapsody”. One English guy attempted to do hand stands during the limbo rock, and almost broke some cocktails. And there were some interesting dance moves on top the wheelchair too (couldn’t post that!). I think my band jammed for over two hours. I’m loving these Boracay underground parties. There’s always something new and surprising. As for the Aussie girls, I’m looking forward to partying with them once again when I do my Boracay shows in Australia later this year. Plans are on the way!

    Below are some video stills of the jamming at Frendz. Click “‘HERE” for the video from that night!

    One Island, One World, One LOVE,

    Armand TJ



    More videos and pictures, visit my FB page:

    Click “HERE” to listen to “WAKE ME UP” by Avicii, while viewing the pics. 😉



    26 Sep 2013
  • ”Just One Love”

    Perhaps music can be our saving grace that will finally unite the planet.
    Happy to know that some activists are already actively spreading the “Just One Love” song in Twitter world. And 53 shares so far in Facebook. We need all the help spreading the message of hope. Thank you to those who have shared the video. Please keep sharing and re-sharing. We are all messengers. Let’s set fire to the world through song. ”One love” to Russia, to Syria, to Zamboanga, and other corners of the globe in need of enlightenment.

    (link to the video on facebook)

    (youtube link)

    Download on Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/just-one-love-single/id708384075



    I wrote the song ”Just One Love” to be the voice of humanity around the world standing up for  the victims of human rights abuse. During the past weeks, articles on the children being massacred in Syria, and the propaganda and abuse of gay teens in Russia, were circulating on Facebook. More and more tragic news, involving children from other countries, are circulating as I write this now. “‘How can the world just watch and let this happen, then just shake their heads in disgust?” I thought.

    I admit, I’ve somehow become numb to tragedies around the world. Nothing new to us. But when it involves basic human rights, and the victims are the young and the helpless, I was deeply affected. Most of us in the free world enjoy what we take for granted – freedom. In some parts of the world, they are facing battles on a daily basis – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

    How can we make a difference? I believe it starts within all of us. I hope this song can ignite something in us, connect us all, and come together in spite of our differences. Geography, religion,  and politics can divide us, but music is the soul of humanity. We can reach out to each other and connect on another level.

    For this simple video, I’ve used images from news articles I’ve found online. And to further send the message of “‘One Love” across, I’ve asked my Facebook friends from all over the world to send me pictures of themselves doing the heart sign from their corner of the globe. They’ve become one with the message, giving it a sense of diversity and humanity. Watching the faces of humanity while the song plays on reminds me of Michael Jackson’s ”Heal the World”. I believe the torch has been passed on to us – to continue living out and sharing the message of change through music. With the video and song, we demonstrate that there’s hope for humanity. We are moving forward. And we are reaching out with a message of ”One Love” to countries like Russia and Syria.

    Click ‘‘HERE” to watch the video.

    If you connected with the message of the song, please share and help ignite this change in all of us. I’m still brainstorming the official music video for this song. For sure, it will again involve participation from all over the world, suggestions are welcome!


    Just One Love

    Little child, don’t worry, the world is changing but it takes time
    Your feelings, don’t be sorry, they are fine.
    Little girl you can dance to your beat, have a voice, speak your mind.
    Little boy, you’re perfect in our eyes.
    You’ll hear some lies. Don’t lose yourself this time!
    Gotta believe that love has equal eyes.
    Someday, this fight, will change our human lives.
    So carry on , the world will realize….
    Can’t stop the sunlight when it’s shining bright coming through dark cloudy skies
    Where it is cold, let us bring light!
    Can’t stop the rain even in paradise, but the rainbow lights our sky.
    Let’s come together, that’s our sign.
    Oooh ooh ooh…
    What is our story, what’s the message of the times.
    One golden rule for us all .
    What is religion, without compassion for mankind?
    May evolution take us all.
    You’ll hear some lies. Embrace yourself this time!
    Gotta believe that love has equal eyes.
    Someday, this fight, will change our human lives.
    So carry on , the world will realize….
    Can’t stop the sunlight when it’s shining bright coming through dark cloudy skies
    Where it is cold, let us bring light!
    Can’t stop the rain even in paradise, but the rainbow lights our sky.
    Let’s come together, that’s our sign.
    Oooh ooh ooh
    All over the world, we are the children!
    Just one love, for us all!
    Music and Lyrics by Armand TJ
    Piano and vocals by Armand TJ
    Drums, bass, and electric guitar by Derder Nava
     ”children vocals” by Aila, Aica,  and Mary Andrea Tajanlangit, and Lara Buenaventura
    Recorded at Dernavs Recording Studio
    Many thanks to all my friends around the world who participated with their heart sign pictures: Riza Ornos, Bryoney Averial, Jenz Kcreh, Renney Kcreh, Balaji Ragothaman, Caroline Schonenberger, Oliver Kollner, Gerri Vie, Yana Gilbuena, Cathy Arcona, Jon Jon Rufino, Erin Cocomelon Yang, Jonathan Arthur TJ Lim, Deebie De Zeeuw, Mirabelle Villanueva, Katrina Gotauco, Chris O’Hara, Ineke Twaalfhoven, Mark Andre Jutras, Natalia Lis, Jakub Niespodziany , Katie Potter, Hannah and Bong Fernando family, Tamas Csontos, Andrea Beauchamp, François Bacquet, Fatima Malabja,  Aro Santo, and Roy van Weverwijk
    1209293_10151653578040687_934888915_n (1)
    Chris O’ Hara (Canadian) in Cambodia
    Fatima Malabja in Boracay
    oli3 - small (1)
    Oliver Kollner (German) in Boracay
    Jonathan Arthur TJ Lim in Manila
    Katie Potter and friend in Koh Tao, Thailand
    Riza Ornos on Mt. Pulag, Philippines
    Tamas Csontos in Budapest, Hungary
    Catie Arcona in Coron, Palawan, Philippines
     L.A., USA
    Balaji Ragothaman in Singapore
    Mark-Andre Jutras (Canadian) in Saigon, Vietnam
    Caroline Schonenberger (Swiss-Filipino) in Boracay
    Jenz Kcreh at Bodensee, Switzerland
    Erin Cocomelon Yang (Taiwanese) in Hua Hin, Thailand
    Jakub and Natalia in Bydgoszcz, Poland
    Bryoney Averial in Wonju, South Korea
    Jon Jon Rufino in New York, USA
    Katrina Gotauco in Bali, Indonesia
    Mirabelle Villanueva in Bali, Indonesia
    Renney Kcreh in Paris, France
    Ineke Twaalfhoven  and friend in the Netherlands
    Hannah and Bong + kids in Boracay Island, Philippines
    More pics from the video to be added….
    14 Sep 2013
  • Land Before Time – My thoughts on the Black Rhino extinction


    I just read the shocking news earlier today as I was going through facebook. A friend posted a link that said ”Western Black Rhino Officially Extinct”’. The post had a picture of a baby rhino with its mother. Suddenly, I was having goosebumps all over my body. Then my eyes welled up with tears. I was caught off guard by my emotions while the reality started sinking in. Why was I reacting this way? I don’t cry easily like this, nor am I a die-hard environmentalist. I’m not one of those ”animal lovers” either. But I found myself deeply affected. Here I was, in front of my laptop -mourning the disappearance of the black rhinos on the face of the planet.

    I’ve never been to Africa, so I haven’t seen these creatures (Now I know for sure I never will). However, I remember being a kid growing up in the 90’s, reading about the fight to save these rhinos and other endangered species from extinction, in magazines such as National Geographic and Newsweek. So when I read the headline, it just felt like ”game over”. Humanity lost the fight to save these prehistoric creatures which once existed and graced our planet ever since before our time. I think this loss moved me so – because they represented ‘the fight to preserve’, since reading about them in the 90’s. We finally lost them this 2013. Damn.

    So many species and subspecies are getting extinct through the years, and so many are endangered. But I believe there was more talk and special attention towards the black rhinos. Perhaps it’s because of how they were massacred for their horns, and that it’s a multi-million dollar industry in the black market, which could have been stopped before it’s too late. I remember chancing upon a picture of a hornless dead rhino in a magazine article I’ve read before. The author fought to expose the horrible industry. Now it’s too late.

    Again, the image reminds me of the fight, which the Green Peace, National Geographic, and the WWF have been crying ”foul” over.  It’s like our planet lost a part of itself, now there’s something missing in the so called ”Circle of Life”. What endangered species is next? The Tigers of China? The leatherback sea turtles feeding on our ocean trash? The polar bears?

    I’m writing this after watching the sunset earlier here in Boracay, where once upon a time, fruit bats filled the sky in the thousands to cross over to the mainland during the golden hour. It was a sight to behold for us grounded mammals. Now I barely see specks of these flying foxes during sunsets. This fight to preserve hits home for me, whether it’s in Africa or our very own island.

    I’m writing this to make sense of my emotions stirring in me. I’ll be writing a song about this as well. I already thought of the title, ”Land Before Time”. Yes, my generation grew up with a strong emotional connection to that cartoon about dinosaurs.  A story about a journey towards the promised land. A story about friendship and family. A story about loss, and hope.

    I just hope with this tragic loss, the rest of the world will feel what I feel…

    A certain sense of LIFE on Earth, and what’s left of it in the bigger picture. So the black rhinos are gone, but the fight for life lives on for the rest of us.

    One Love, Armand TJ


    p.s. Was writing this while listening to these soundtracks Song 1 Click HERE and song 2 Click HERE

    The Lion King

    Land Before Time

    The Boracay Sunset – Where are the flying foxes?


    6 Sep 2013
  • Singing to the global community!

    Doing a roll call of all the countries represented in the audience.

    The ”See you in the Philippines”.  Download the song on SPOTIFY AND ITUNES!

  • “We’re in this Together” – Original Song by Armand TJ

    Here’s a simple video I made with pictures and vids from my digital camera. This was spontaneous, all the images and videos here are all captured real life. Boracay island life!

    Download the song on SPOTIFY AND ITUNES!